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Custom Yoga Mats

Many of our corporate yoga clients eventually elect to order yoga gear (mats, blocks, straps, towels) through us to have available for employees to use at yoga classes. We partner with a wonderful company called Kulae. Pronunciation: “COOL-eye”. The name Kulae was

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Must-Have Yoga Clothing and Gear Gift Guide

Hi Folks!  Perhaps you know a friend who’s into yoga, but aren’t sure what would work well as a gift.  Here are some of Chakra 5’s top picks that are sure to please.  We consider these absolute essentials for the

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Kulae Yoga Gear

I wanted to take a moment to express how impressed I am with Kulae, both in terms of customer service and product quality. There are COUNTLESS yoga gear manufacturers out there, and my attraction to Kulae was motivated by some

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Natural, Budget Beauty

Ok…I know I’m going to sound like I write a beauty column for Seventeen magazine here or something, but in this blog I’m going to be honest about the kind of person I am. While I aspire to deepen my

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Yoga Clothes

A yogini with a very austere mindset might criticize my penchant for beautiful yoga clothing. It’s true: yoga can be done with a ragged old t-shirt and a pair of shorts you bought for 50 cents from Salvation Army. Heck–you

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