Great Balance Tip

Just had to share this useful tidbit from Pilates guru Nancy Besser via

“Right-side dominant folks often rely more on their left (and vice-versa), leading to muscular imbalances that can cause pain and derail a workout. Not convinced? Take this test.

March in place for about 10 seconds and come to a stop. Without changing your stance, slowly raise your right foot off the ground and in front of you without moving your hips. Pay attention to how much effort it takes. Then compare that to the left side. Chances are one foot will feel harder to lift. That’s your dominant side, which is relying on your weaker side to hold the body steady.

Besser’s balance improving exercise: Holding on to a wall or a steady object for support, practice lifting one heel at a time by bending the knee slightly while keeping toes on the ground and hips steady. Once you’re able to lift your heel without moving the hips, continue on to lifting the entire foot. When you are able to lift the heel and the foot without any hip movement, you’ll have trained your supporting muscles to work in a balanced manner.”

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