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Reishi Mushroom Hot Chocolate

reishi mushroom hot chocolate

The reishi mushroom is a “superfood” with health benefits that boost mental clarity, immunity, longevity and combat inflammation. It’s especially helpful when you’re battling a respiratory issue like bronchitis.

This quick and easy recipe is not only incredibly healthy, it’s delicious! The reishi powder gives a more earthy, aromatic dimension to traditional hot cocoa.

Don’t worry!  You don’t have to go out and find a Shaman. Nor do we recommend attempting to forage mushrooms yourself! That could be dangerous.

We recommend Terrasoul’s Red Reishi Mushroom Powder (get it on Amazon) and follow the simple steps below.


  • 1 tsp reishi mushroom powder
  • 2-3 tablespoons cacao powder
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1/3 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • pinch cayenne pepper
  • hot water
  • milk of choice
  • organic honey (optional)

Slowly warm a cup of your milk of choice over low heat until it gets hot and a bit frothy. While it’s heating up, mix together the mushroom powder, cacao, coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla, cayenne and a splash of hot water into a paste in the bottom of a mug. Add the hot milk to the mug and whisk well. If desired, drizzle in a bit of honey to taste. We find that this cocoa already has a mild, sweet taste without adding any sweetener.



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Kids’ Yoga for Healthy, Happy Little Humans

One of the many things Chakra 5’s Yoga Team specializes in is working with kids. Anyone who has spent some time with young children, especially toddlers, knows that it can be challenging to get them to stop and focus on anything. It’s no easier for yoga teachers! That’s why the approach to Kids’ Yoga is specific and unique. To learn more, we talked to our resident Kids’ Yoga experts, Nina Snow and Keirin Brown.

Where have you taught kids yoga?
Nina: In schools for 8 years and at USC’s Fisher museum
Keirin: I’ve been teaching pre-school kids yoga for four years.

How does a kids’ yoga class work?
Nina: Depending on the age of the child it ranges from games to applying the practice and breath work to emotional challenges.
Keirin: I’ve developed my own program that is fun, direct and educational. It’s important to have rituals that are reliable that are done every class. Usually I start with an opening song, followed by breath, affirmations. The middle of class is a series of games, songs with choreographed yoga moves, animal poses, adventures, etc. At the end we finish with a small meditation, song and a savasana where they all get aromatherapy oils on their wrists.

What are some of the challenges with teaching kids yoga?
Nina: Children are living in a world that has constant distraction of screens and this can make their already challenged attention span even shorter.
Keirin: It’s necessary that the teachers participate or are there to help keep order. Classes for preschoolers are short, only 20 minutes. So it’s imperative for the teachers to be actively involved and helping students who are having a hard time focusing. With young ones you have to be extremely prepared with a lesson plan and keep it theatrical and entertaining.

What are the benefits you’ve seen in the kids or parents/teachers have told you about?
Nina: The younger children usually have fun with making up games and poses that can lead to a life long practice. The older ones learn deal with stress and feelings with breath become less reactive and to make healthy choices.
Keirin: The teachers all enjoy yoga and the kids are both enthusiastic and grateful. Parents have told me how their kids will use my technique of “loving their own hearts” in difficult moments. Parents share stories of kids doing yoga poses in before bed or even in the bathtub. The kids integrate the use of breath and affirmations into their daily lives. It helps them problem solve and be with their emotions. The teachers often remind the students to breathe when they get upset as well. Also they are learning to use their bodies through coordination and balance.

Do you think recognition for the need for kids yoga has been increasing?
Nina: Definitely! they need tools to help them focus.
Keirin: Yes. More and more teachers are looking integrate yoga techniques into their approach.

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Free Yoga At One Colorado Old Pasadena

Chakra 5 is proud to announce a partnership with One Colorado Old Pasadena. We’re teaming up to offer yoga classes free to the public throughout the month of April.

If you’re not familiar with One Colorado, it’s a charming retail and dining experience in the heart of historic Old Pasadena that spans an entire block. Modeled after a European town square, the courtyard is a warm and welcoming gathering space for catching up with friends, enjoying an alfresco coffee or enjoying one of its many music, cultural and community events. Turn of the century Deco and Victorian buildings and charming cobble stone alleys surround a cozy central courtyard.

Yoga classes will be held in the courtyard. Whether you want to bond with your little one in Kids’ Yoga or de-stress and focus before work, we’ve got you covered. And… there will be yoga swag bags and giveaways! Bring your mat, a friend, and enjoy some shopping or lunch after class.

The Schedule

  • Tuesdays in April, 8am-8:45am: “Just for Kids”, yoga class for kids 2-5 to learn kid-friendly principles of conscious breath and beginner yoga poses. Teacher: Nina Snow
  • Thursdays in April, 8am-8:45am: “Morning Focus & Flow”, yoga class for adults wanting a refreshing & relaxing start to the day. All levels, even newbies, are totally welcome and safe in this class. Teacher: Keirin Brown.

Read our feature about Kids’ Yoga!

Meet Our Instructors

Keirin Brown, Focus & Flow

Nina Snow, Just for Kids

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D.I.Y. : Sage Mint Mouthwash

I frequently like to go for running in my local neighborhood in Hollywood. We’ve been getting a lot of rain here over the last month, and everywhere you look there are green and blooming beauties!

Look! A sagebush!

I almost went whizzing by a lovely cluster of sage plants. I wasn’t 100% sure it was sage, but as soon as I crushed one of the leaves between my fingers and inhaled the scent, there was no mistaking it…it was sage. So I took a little handful home after saying a “thank you” to nature and promising to donate again to the Griffith Park Foundation.

Previously, my only experience with sage was frying the leaves in a bit of brown butter and serving that with butternut squash. Certainly a great use of a noble herb, but I wanted to try something different. After reading that sage is naturally antiseptic and anti-bacterial, I thought it might make a really nice herb in a mouthwash.

Fresh sage leaves waiting to become a “mouthwash tea”

To make my herbal mouthwash, I simply steeped a handful of (washed) sage leaves in 1 cup of hot water for 48 hours. Then I strained out the leaves, added a few drops of liquid vanilla stevia and 2-4 drops of organic peppermint oil. Shake up all the ingredients in a jar and you’re done.

You can adjust to the peppermint oil to your taste…but be careful. It is STRONG and you only need a few drops.

Every night and morning I look forward to “swishing” with my great-tasting, all-natural mouthwash that only cost pennies to make.

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Featured Instructor : Wendy Obstler

Check out our in-depth interview with Chakra 5 instructor Wendy Obstler, who has been working with us since 2015 and specializes in fertility, pregnancy and post-natal yoga.

How long have you been teaching yoga and how long have you been working with Chakra 5?
I have had the honor of teaching yoga just over 12 years. I have been working with Chakra 5 for a year now and love every minute of it!

What are some of the challenges and rewards of working with yoga clients in a mobile capacity? 
The challenge is usually not having the “ideal” set up I would prefer in a room when I teach (i.e. lots of wall space, a plethora of yoga props to choose from, etc.). However, this challenge then challenges ME to get creative and grow as an instructor — which is definitely a reward! Yoga itself can be greatly modified to suit the needs of the individuals, which is one of the things I most love about it. Another reward for me is having the opportunity to interface with and get to know a hugely diverse group of people, while being able to introduce yoga to those that may not have otherwise tried it. That lights me up.

Wendy Obstler helps new mamas and mamas-to-be feel better!

You specialize in fertility yoga, and yoga for those who are currently pregnant as well as those in the postpartum chapter. Can you tell us more about some of the specific needs and challenges you address with your approach? How does yoga benefit women in these situations?

Yoga for fertility is a comprehensive methodology which includes yoga postures, breath work, meditation and acupressure — all geared towards optimizing fertility naturally. This unique approach also addresses the emotional components that often accompany the fertility journey, providing stress reduction tools. The fertility journey itself can often feel like a rollercoaster ride that in some cases drags on for years. This can be a both physically and emotionally fragile time, not to mention the stress it can place on the couple’s relationship and finances. I strive to help guide those on the fertility journey towards empowerment, proactivity, learning to soften and surrender into the immense intelligence of the body and trusting the process. The practice itself focuses on improving blood flow and circulation to the low back (sacral plexus), hips, groin, and pelvis, which can ultimately aid in healthier gynecological function and helps nourish the neuroendocrine system. It’s a safe and complementary practice to any Assisted Reproductive Technologies. In the decade I’ve been teaching this work, I’m proud to say I have witnessed many women and couples’ dreams of having children come true.

Wendy Obstler helps her pregnancy yoga clients achieve more happy, healthy experiences.

I also teach Pre & Post Natal yoga. There are numerous studies on pre-natal yoga, showcasing benefits such as decreasing the risk of low back pain, gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, intrauterine growth restriction and pre-term labor, as well as ‘yoga babies’ having a higher APGAR score. The APGAR score is a quick test performed on a baby at 1 and 5 minutes after birth. The 1-minute score determines how well the baby tolerated the birthing process. The 5-minute score tells the doctor how well the baby is doing outside the mother’s womb.

And even beyond all these fantastic reasons, pre-natal yoga just feels good! I had been teaching it for many years before I, myself, became pregnant. Then I got to experience first-hand the benefits of it on my ever-changing and growing body. It can often make the mother’s body feel lighter, increasing circulation, stability and strength (deterring such common ailments such as sciatica) and aids one for better sleep, as well. Yoga also helps both mama and baby prepare for labor and delivery, all while keeping stress at bay.

I look at the approach to labor and delivery as if you were planning to run a marathon. Most people train for marathons because that is truly necessary for your body to be able to perform its best. So, why should labor and delivery any different?! Much of the “training” for labor and delivery is about both the body AND mind. Building stamina and learning exercises that sharpen the mind, teaching you to breathe through that which is majorly uncomfortable. I wholeheartedly believe that my personal practice of prenatal yoga twice a week supported me in being prepared and having the tools to move through my labor and delivery with my son completely drug-free. In fact, I walked into the hospital 10 cm dilated, which is pretty darn crazy!

The Post-natal yoga I teach assists in regaining strength, elicits healing, a sense of grounding and helps to deter bad postural habits from forming as Mama takes on this new role, which usually includes breastfeeding and care for her infant on very little sleep. The practice can also be beneficial in helping with some postpartum complications such as diastasis recti (misalignment of the abdominal muscles) and “baby blues”, not to mention movement towards a pre-baby body.

What do you see in the future for Chakra 5 and “Mobile Wellness”?

I think “Mobile Wellness” is becoming more necessary in this day and age and it will be a leading force in the future of wellness practices. Most folks are really busy with very full lives and mobile services such as what Chakra 5 offers integrate Mindfulness Practices (like yoga, breath work and meditation). It just seems to make sense in today’s world. I see that it allows individuals to easily integrate good health practices, so they can be more productive in their careers, more loving and grounded in their lives and feel awesome while they’re at it!

Chakra 5 has created something unique and are careful to handpick warm, knowledgable and experienced instructors. This is a key component in what makes something like this successful. Chakra 5 is also a pioneer of this Wellness/ Mindfulness Movement and I am proud to be a part of it.

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