Help This Family-Run, Humanely-Raised Bison Farm

Below is a copy of the email I sent to my network of friends and family re: a family-run farm in California that will have to sell off it’s herd and lose 10 years worth of hard work and sweat to build up their business.  Please read, please donate, please share this with everyone you know:

“Hey Folks:

Please consider helping this family:

I know this email plea is a bit random, but today I heard about this campaign and was moved to reach out.

You’re on this list because you’re a friend that comes to my mind that helps mobilize behind worthy causes.  I was inspired to send this email out bc this is one of those situations in which there’s an obvious solution with a literal price tag on it and no bureaucracy.  Among our extended network of friends and family, we could probably raise the money to completely reverse this situation.  So many of you are involved in the environment, yoga, cooking, etc… concerned about your health, the planet’s health, about humane/sustainable practices in the food industry.  here’s a very specific chance to put your money where your mouth is.
I know all of us probably vary on the spectrum of eating meat, so I apologize if I may have offended anyone.  Whether or not you actually eat meat, I do hope you can get behind the idea of a family-run, humane farming practice, where a heritage California breed like Bison are being brought back from the brink of extinction.  Pastured animals restore the topsoil; it’s good for the planet and could totally reverse global warming (google TED talks on this).  These animals are raised together out in the fresh air and open land in happily social families.  You could argue that they have a better life than being out in the wild and exposed to harsh weather, lack of water and predators. There’s also a growing body of science that humans do need to eat a (moderate) amount of grass-fed meat for optimal health.  I believe that getting behind these kinds of family farms will bring you closer to understanding and loving animals overall.
The more of us that support these small family companies, the more the movement behind humane, sustainable family farming will build, and the more we can move away from horrible factory farming.
The Lindner family has worked for 16 years to build up their heritage herd and green pastures.  Now their well is broken and the land is drying up.  They are having to truck in tons of hay to keep the herd alive.  If they can’t raise the money to fix the well, they will have to sell off all the animals.  Who knows what kind of life those animals are going to?  They will no longer be together with their families. All the years of hard, honest work that this family has put in to this farm will be wasted.
I appreciate you reading this and I encourage you to donate to their IndieGoGo campaign.  I assure you I will not be sending further emails out to tug at your heartstrings re: various “planet-saving initiatives”.  
It’s just that every once in a while you hear about something that really strikes you, and you have this hunch that if you could get your inner network on the case, we could really do something to not just help, but completely REVERSE the problem.
thanks for reading….Hope it’s a wonderful new year for everyone!”

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