Two Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

I am a huge fan of many podcasts, but one of my favorites is “Speaking of Faith“, the fantastic show that explores spritual matters and airs every Sunday on American Public Media.

There are two interviews the host, Krista Tippett did that have remained on my iPhone for ages.  I keep listening to them again and again because they are so inspiring.  I wanted to share them with you now as I want you to also get the comfort and enlightenment from them that I continue to receive.  After you check them out, drop me a line and tell me what you thought!

SOF Interview with Seane Corn
Krista interviews yoga teaching superstar Seane Corn about the practicalities and power of yoga.  In particular, you’ll really appreciate the way that Seane describes the physiological aspects of yoga — what exactly is happening to our bodies and minds when we practice?  Also fascinating is the way she describes the way the body can hang on to pain in secret places, even if you think you’ve mastered the pain in your mind.  Seane Corn is a “no bull***”, down-to-earth person who came from a tough childhood.  She is very practical and easy to relate to, and is doing tremendous work on the world stage with her non profit org “Off The Mat and Into the World“, which uses the power of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable activism and social change.

SOF Interview with Eckhart Tolle
Many a person has recommended to me the New Age book du jour, and I have found many of them to be trite and downright annoying, such as The Secret or The Celestine Prophecy.  In general, I have a lot of issues with self-help, new age celebrities as I think a lot of them are full of it, and the industry is rife with predators looking to make money off of depressed and desperate people.  Then you come across the exception.  Despite his mainstream fame and Oprah-endorsement, Echkart Tolle is still a very charismatic, sweet and wise man who has so many fantastic nuggets of wisdom on how to cope with and master that ever-looping tape that plays in your mind.  You know the one–that anxious, scared, self-critical voice that wants to analyze everything.   I go back time and time again to this podcast, often simply because Tolle’s voice is so sweet and comforting…it’s kind of like a free therapy session with the man himself.  🙂

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