Custom Yoga Mats

Many of our corporate yoga clients eventually elect to order yoga gear (mats, blocks, straps, towels) through us to have available for employees to use at yoga classes. We partner with a wonderful company called Kulae. Pronunciation: “COOL-eye”. The name Kulae was derived from the Sanskrit word kula, which means “community.” Adding the letter “e” to the end of a word in Sanskrit pluralizes it like the letter “s” often does in English – essentially, turning “community” into “communities.”

Kulae’s mission and mantra: to help bring communities together through yoga and good karma, helping to maintain healthy people on a healthy planet.

What we like about Kulae is their sustainably manufactured, anti-microbial yoga mats, which come in so many wonderful colors and textured patterns. Many of them have two different colors on each side. We also love their cork yoga blocks, which really help our teachers to expand their repertoire in the classroom or help to provide extra support for yoga students who are still finding their way into certain poses.

Now, through us, you can now order custom-branded yoga mats emblazoned with your company or organization logo. Our friends at Hankey Investment Company ordered some to keep in their onsite gym/yoga room. The report is in from Hankey: “The mats are very nice!  The employees were impressed, and appreciative.”

Just drop us an email if you’re interested in custom mats. We’ll work up a quote and have them shipped directly to your office.

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