Kulae Yoga Gear

I wanted to take a moment to express how impressed I am with Kulae, both in terms of customer service and product quality.

There are COUNTLESS yoga gear manufacturers out there, and my attraction to Kulae was motivated by some kind of intuitive 6th sense, like almost all the successful choices I’ve made in my life.  (Side note: I sometimes spend too much time thinking *after* I’ve made a decision, but I usually go with the flow successfully into each new chapter).  Anyway–back to Kulae.
I’m not entirely sure how I came across Kulae, but I really like the simple and honest integrity of their brand as described on their website.  And it always makes me smile to say their name, as it reminds me of the notorious scene with Larry David and Crazy Eyes Killa in which they say “are we cool de la“.  I contacted them about becoming a wholesale distributor of their products.  I explained that while I will be opening a studio soon, and will looking for a supplier of gear to partner with, at the present moment I would have to literally sell any of their gear out of the “back of my car”.  Their wholesale rep, Larry, was so proactive, communicative and supportive right off the bat.  It meant a lot to me that he/Kulae saw the true business depth to what I am growing in my yoga endeavors that they were fine with working with me as a distributor.  Larry was also very helpful and communicative with processing my order, which happened to be right around Christmas Eve….and with a special year-end discount on shipping, no less…
Now, on to the products!  I ordered some of the Kulae water bottles, the antimicrobial yoga towel, a whole load of their cork blocks (I will probably hold on to these myself as they will be very useful for my classes), the tpECOmat Ultra (for my pilates practice), and finally, some of their tpECOmats in various hues.  I am truly impressed by the pro quality of everything, especially the mats!  The mats come in two different colors, so you can flip it over and use the other side when you get bored, and each side has a unique texture/pattern to add visual interest.  The grip is great on these mats–I tend to have problems with sliding on my palms when in down dog, but not with these babies.  I can’t get over how light these mats are, yet comfortable.  And they do not have that weird rubbery/plastic smell so many mats seem to have.  The price point is incredibly reasonable for the quality… it’s sometimes disconcerting how expensive mats are.  I really question paying over $100 for a mat–those kinds of mats are for celebrities, IMHO.  Kulae is the right personality for Chakra 5!
I am very pleased with my purchase, and I’m looking forward to sharing these with my students.  The upcoming second workshop at FIDM will probably be a great opportunity to sell some of the mats and get the word out.  But everyone I know wants to either start or increase their yoga practice…so now if I present them with colorful new mats, they’ll have no excuses left for procrastinating.  These mats will be wanting new homes!

I’m looking forward to exclusively offering Kulae to customers at the new studio!

McKenna Rowe is the Founder of Chakra 5 Mobile Yoga, an experienced team of corporate yoga instructors that provides mobile yoga classes on location and by appointment at businesses, schools and organizations throughout greater Los Angeles. Call us to start your corporate wellness program today: 310-853-3885.

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