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A yogini with a very austere mindset might criticize my penchant for beautiful yoga clothing. It’s true: yoga can be done with a ragged old t-shirt and a pair of shorts you bought for 50 cents from Salvation Army. Heck–you can even do it naked. 🙂 (One of the many benefits about yoga is you don’t need expensive shoes or gear, don’t need to drive or fly anywhere. All you need is YOU).

However, I would argue that investing (in moderation) in a few things that are beautiful and inspiring only help to put you into the right mindset. That mindset is the aura you radiate to your students and clients. You also get what you pay for: I’ve purchased “yoga wear” from Target, and it has yet to deliver the fit, support, good engineering and stamina I need it to have. You end up spending more money by buying more and more replacements, rather than just investing in good quality in the first place.

Some of the things I look for in yoga clothing: structural integrity (look at how the seams are reinforced, is there support in a top/shelf bra), material (10% + lycra), cut (do they skimp on fabric with pants that are too low cut?), company integrity (do they outsource to Cambodia? do they use green/renewable practices in their business?), and finally aesthetics. I have a list of some of my favorite companies below, feel free to share yours!

Hands down, the best pants that hold up the longest. The market leader, for good reason:

Some of the best supporting tops on the market (this D cup yogini needs it):

Always a favorite for personality, fun:

In the super sexy category (best for you skinnie minnies or A-B cups):

Great portal site for clothing (but you must be familiar with each maker’s fit on your body):

Yoga clothing mutates from the mat to everyday/streetwear (they make the tunic top featured in this posting):

Great marriage of structural integrity and beauty:

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