Stay Hydrated!

I really enjoyed this excellent article from my friends at Experience Life Magazine on staying hydrated.   Several times over the last few years when my doctor did my blood work, he mentioned that I was slightly dehydrated.   There are probably a lot of potential consequences to this, but one in particular to note is that the lympathic system needs plenty of water to keep it flowing as well as plenty of MOVEMENT (that means exercise people!)

Looks like experts are now recommending more like 11 8 oz glasses of water per day or @ 91 oz.  It seems that the standard 8 8oz glasses should be fine unless you are more active.

Right now I’m barely able to remember to keep up with 2 Kulae 18oz aluminum water bottles per day.  That’s 36 ounces, and I’m guessing I get another 4 glasses of fluids per day to total 68 oz.  I’m thinking that is probably going to be fine, but once my teaching schedule picks up more I’ll probably pick up the water intake to include a couple more refills.  🙂  It also helps to flavor the water a bit to make it more yummy.  I like TeaZen.

For some of you yoga teachers out there teaching back-to-back and fairly vigorous classes, take note of the information about adding some protein to your water as well to retain more fluids.

It seems like this kind of thing is really based on the individual, so I like that the article talks about knowing your “personal sweat rate”. It says: “Simply weigh yourself immediately before and after a one-hour workout. The amount of weight lost is your sweat rate. Although 1 pound equals about 16 ounces of water, Ryan recommends consuming 20 to 24 ounces of fluid for every pound of weight lost after training to replace both sweat and urine losses.”

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