All That YAS…

I just saw that YAS (Yoga And Spinning) has opened up a new studio next to Ralph’s at Hope & 8th.

While I first felt a little competition brewing up (as unrealistic as that is right now when my studio is not yet up and running), I realized a couple of things:
1) This is a good sign. For YAS to come here means that my instincts about the location being solid for business and customers are on target.
2) YAS isn’t really a “direct” competitor because it’s a different business model and style. People will get a different kind of experience at my studio than YAS. YAS offers spinning, and many people will go there only for that. YAS has to price their classes a good deal higher than mine to cover their overhead. Their yoga classes (I know, as I have taken a number of them) focus on the class as a workout, without as much training in the breath, meditation work and techniques to calm stress. And their place is a franchise, which means a little less unique personality and personal attention and a little more “corporate”.

One thing to note is that YAS’s teachers are not certified per the Yoga Alliance standards, it’s their own proprietary teacher training program. To some people, this kind of thing matters. 🙂

I have absolutely no problem with the way YAS teaches or runs their business. I just want people to recognize that they can have a truly unique experience at either my studio or YAS, and will choose what works best for them.

McKenna Rowe is the Founder of Chakra 5 Mobile Yoga, an experienced team of corporate yoga instructors that provides mobile yoga classes on location and by appointment at businesses, schools and organizations throughout greater Los Angeles. Call us to start your corporate wellness program today: 310-853-3885.

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