Can I Earn Good Money Teaching Yoga?

Sort of….if you work insanely hard or for a huge studio with big following.

Much more likely scenario: own/run a studio.

I recently came across an article on the subject of a career as a yoga teacher.

As the article describes, I took Yoga Teacher Training when I had a period of 3 wonderful months this year in which I was unemployed. I actually resigned from my job voluntarily to immerse in the training. I did the training to help myself feel calmer, more healthy, more centered and clear about my next moves in life. What I did not expect to happen was the fact that I adored teaching, adored being around the culture/lifestyle. I realized that I wanted to do it full time, but unless you reach superstar status as a teacher after investing many years of hard work and networking, it’s not really a career that pays very well. The real profitable thing to do at a core level is to own your own studio. Not everyone is like me. I’m the type of person who truly wants to own her own business, willing to work very hard and shoulder some huge responsibility…I cannot get the vision out of my head of what a vibrant and successful studio could be. I’m not trying to conquer the world…just trying to provide an inviting and fun wellness space to that local community that can thrive nicely.

I noticed a lot of teacher trainings are as expensive as $4000. Mine was only $1800 for the 200 hours of training and core curriculum as required by Yoga Alliance. be sure to shop around when considering training or look at the full value of the particular package being offered to see if its worth it. My initial 200 hr training was just my initiation—I would love to, as time/money permit, continue to grow my teacher training. I do lots of free teaching now to grow my abilities as a teacher–that is probably the best way to do it. But even knowing how to teach or do yoga at all is not required to own a studio.

Owning my own studio is attractive because I love to meet new students/clients, new teachers, provide a community service. And having true ownership of something…I’d rather get up at 6am to clean the toilet in my own studio than continue working computer jobs for hours on end. I love the marketing strategy, love even the operational/accounting aspects (although probably best to hire an expert to do the books) as well as evaluating teachers/personnel to hire. I like that there are multiple avenues of income beyond just the classes. The article says about one studio owner: “She estimates that these days only about 10 percent of her income comes from teaching classes.” She says: “There’s a myth that you can’t be spiritual and rich at the same time,” she says. “But it’s not spiritual to be broke and stressed out about your rent.”

This web site: has a very affordable and helpful set of tools you can get for just $80. Compared to the cost or suspiciously silly/lean content some other sites of this nature offer, I really have found value in what I got for my money. There are 8 hours worth of lectures, worksheets, sample plans, sound advice all around. I am definitely getting some good thinking/planning in place to (hopefully) set me up for success.

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