Can You Live Decently Only Running a Yoga Studio?

 Mary Strong, NFL broadcaster, also owns a yoga studio in Manhattan beach:

Nice article, but here’s where I get confused…. it says:
“In October 2009, Strong opened her studio in North Manhattan Beach California. She now splits her time between her fast-paced,long-nights career as an NFL broadcaster with her relaxing, albeit
busy, life as a yoga studio owner, proving you can have the dream of succeeding in a ‘power career’ and still reserve time to follow your passions.”

Is the yoga studio really a “true” success story if she never gave up her first job?  Keep in mind her original//first job is pretty kick ass, who would want to give that up?  🙂  I would also imagine she is
paid very well for the NFL job, which appears, according to this article, to handily only need her involvement at night during opposite hours from the studio.

What’s also unclear is how much involvement she really has with the studio.  Some people can be an owner basically in name and in terms of making some broad-stroke decisions, but is she really the person building the business, doing the marketing, etc?

Here’s another article I got earlier this year from Google Alerts:

The studio owner is a cop who still works 11pm-7am –again, handy opposite hours to the studio–should I become a bartender?  😉

I would think that trying to do two demanding careers at once would not  be very healthy for you, but both people featured in the articles seem happy.  Perhaps being the owner of a studio can’t be that
difficult if it can be done on top another job?

Not sure what to think, but I was hoping to eventually survive ONLY off the studio…

It does say “relaxing, albeit busy, life as a yoga studio owner”….sounds nice!  😉  I love being busy but also relaxed.  🙂  

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