Featured Client: Hankey Investment Company

Hankey Investment Company is a Los Angeles firm that has been investing in Southern California real estate for over 30 years.
Tonia Douglas, Human Resource Director for Hankey Group of Companies, reached out to us in 2013 to come teach yoga classes onsite to employees. Now Hankey conducts 6 yoga classes/week for their diverse group of employees and are planning to add meditation classes soon.

We recently interviewed Tonia about how the yoga program has been going:

Why did you decide to start a yoga program at Hankey?

We knew yoga would be an essential component to our Wellness Program, providing employees with an resource to lower workplace stress, promote exercise that can be beneficial to muscle and joints as well as strengthening the mind and spirit.

Why did you decide to partner with Chakra 5?

After meeting with several yoga instructors, if I may add, all that I spoke with had a peace or calming effect on me, I needed a partner that I could rely on and capacity to be flexible with days and hours of availability. Also, most importantly, I needed to make sure the instructor would be a fit for our employee population.

Tell us how the yoga classes have been going and the benefits the employees have been enjoying as a result?

Yoga has been well received by our employees. We have many, including myself, who had never attended a yoga class and some never tried yoga prior to offering it at the workplace. Many have provided positive feedback, how taking yoga at work has affected their life.

Below are a few comments from employees from our HGWellness Survey Page:

“My yoga experience has been great. Due to me being a single working Mom I don’t have time after work to exercise so I’m taking advantage of this opportunity. Great instructor great class.”

“Great! It really helps to go during my lunch break.”

“Really helps to refresh and stretch my leg muscles especially after a challenging run.”

“great! I am much calmer and more energy..”

“Awesome! I love it so much, it makes me sleep better and feel better. I have not caught a cold in months!”

“Great! This is a very important benefit for me!”

Chakra 5 is honored to have Hankey as our client and we look forward to bringing continued health and wellbeing to their employees.

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