Featured Instructor : Lewis Victor

Meet Chakra Yoga instructor Lewis Victor, who received his teacher training at Moksha Center in Chicago in 2009 and also happens to be a talented voiceover artist. Learn about his take on teaching, yoga at the office, and more…

How long have you been teaching and how long have you been working with Chakra 5?

I became a certified teacher in 2006 and I’ve been teaching regularly ever since. I’ve been with Chakra 5 since 2011, since it’s days as a physical space.

What do you like best about teaching yoga?

There’s a lot that I’ve learned about myself through my yoga practice and I try to teach students to discover the same things about themselves. Seeing your students learn, apply, and thus improve their practice is the most rewarding aspect of being a yoga teacher.

What are some of the challenges of working with C5′s clients in a mobile capacity? What solutions have you come up with to address these?

Every student comes in at a different level in their yoga practice; so you learn to get better at teaching classes that truly accommodates everyone’s wants and needs.

What do you see in the future for Chakra 5 and Corporate Wellness?

There will always be a place in the world for a yoga studio, but considering all the benefits of having a yoga program in the workplace, it’s easy to see how much more commonplace corporate wellness programs will become in the near future. It’s already happening now.

You’re a voiceover artist in your spare time. How do you think this aspect of your life colors your yoga teaching style?

Actually, it’s more the other way around for me. Yoga is a tool I use to channel my energies toward everything else I do in my life; whether it’s VO, being a musician, or even being a teacher of yoga. But if it does come full circle, I’d say that perhaps I’ve learned to become more articulate in both my speech and my delivery. The best teachers are the best communicators.

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