Featured Yoga DJ : Tessa Young

Meet Chakra 5 Yoga DJ Tessa Young, who provides a fun, live music landscape at our classes and wellness events. Learn how she got into DJing, why she was attracted to working with us and how she sees the future of yoga at the office.

1) How long have you been DJing and how long have you been working with Chakra 5?

I’ve been DJing since 2009 and working with Chakra 5 since 2010.

2) What are some of the rewards/what do you like best about working with Chakra 5?

I love working with Chakra 5 because everyone feels like family. It’s nice to walk into a Chakra 5 environment and automatically be comfortable.

Also, I communicate with McKenna very well. Every time we work together on an event, we make sure to touch base ahead of time to make sure we’re on the same page to collectively execute a successful class or event.

It’s rewarding to be part of the team (as a DJ) for C5’s yoga classes because obviously I love curating the music, but also I notice the transformation from when a student initially walks into the event/class to how they look and feel afterwards – refreshed and rejuvenated!

3) What do you see in the future for Chakra 5 and Corporate Wellness?

I worked in an office environment from 1998-2011. During that time, “Corporate Wellness” didn’t cross the minds of human resources and management. Now, we realize how important it is to take a break, meditate, stretch and be present in order to be more productive.

The future for Chakra 5 is bright because this wellness service is in demand and C5 is one of the first companies to pioneer it. I’m excited to see more of Chakra 5’s success in 2016!

Check out Tessa’s company: Prism DJs, featuring LA’s best female DJs!


Tessa spins at a Chakra 5 wellness event at Pacific Oaks College


The view from Tessa’s decks as McKenna teaches marathoners at the Grand Disneyland Resort.


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