Yoga for Executives

Commonly referred to as “Corporate Yoga”, On-Site Yoga classes taught at the workplace are a fantastic benefit to offer to employees.  They can be lo/no cost and flexibly structured.  “Corporate Yoga” has been proven to build camaraderie, reduce stress/illness and increase productivity and job satisfaction.  An employer can offer the classes free of charge, or class fee can be shared by employee and employer.  Just offering a space/time in the office for the class is a wonderful gesture on the part of employers…even if employees pay the fee entirely.

I enjoyed reading this article about how yoga has helped executives to make clearer decisions.  Even if regular classes aren’t an option for your company, consider setting up a one-time workshop for an instructor to meet with your employees to teach them techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere to relax and think clearly.  As one executive in the article says: “It’s enough to do five minutes of exercises daily in the office. That alone will generate an attitude change for top tier and middle managers.”

McKenna Rowe is the Founder of Chakra 5 Mobile Yoga, an experienced team of corporate yoga instructors that provides mobile yoga classes on location and by appointment at businesses, schools and organizations throughout greater Los Angeles. Call us to start your corporate wellness program today: 310-853-3885.

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