PreNatal Yoga Sequence

here is a prenatal sequence I designed for a friend/student who is 5 weeks pregnant.   Download and enjoy and I welcome feedback anytime!

I’m also working on a sequence for another friend who is suffering from a herniated neck disc.  I’m doing a lot of research and finding that one particularly challenging.  The other two sequences I am working on: “computer yoga” when you’re sitting at your desk and “chair yoga” for seniors.   I’ll post more sequences up as a complete them!
BTW,  I built this sequence using the app on the Yoga Journal website.  it’s handy but a little awkward to use in some ways, and has a limited database of poses from which to chose.
Here is a cool gallery of poses being done at different stages of pregnancy.  Overal, it’s a nice set of poses, but I have to say that I personally find toe stand pose really challenging and hard on the knee ligaments.  Remember that just because you see someone else doing a pose, it doesn’t mean you have to or SHOULD be doing that pose as well.  I also have read that doing twists in the first trimester are not wise.  Choose wisely!

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