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Approaching New Year’s Health Resolutions the Chakra 5 Way

Feliz año nuevo my dear Chakra 5 friends! You’ve probably noticed a lot of specials and offers bombarding you everywhere from yoga studios, gyms, home delivery meal services, juicing/detox services, etc….it’s that fun time of year again in which we

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Chanting Meditation with Jeff Bridges aka Big Lebowksi’s The Dude

Hi Chakra 5 Yoga friends! We thought we’d share this snippet from a recent episode of the Nerdist Podcast. In it, they interview Jeff Bridges, aka “The Dude” from “The Big Lebowski” about how he finds creative inspiration. He ends

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Help This Family-Run, Humanely-Raised Bison Farm

Below is a copy of the email I sent to my network of friends and family re: a family-run farm in California that will have to sell off it’s herd and lose 10 years worth of hard work and sweat

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Are You “Veggie Enough”?

Isn’t being vegan or vegetarian MOST of the time still good for the planet, and your body?

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Unusual Ways to De-Stress

As the busy holiday season of work deadlines, parties, shopping and hosting/visiting relatives is encroaching on our personal time, stress levels go way up, leading many of us to demonstrate shorter tempers, pig out on food or throw back a

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