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Approaching New Year’s Health Resolutions the Chakra 5 Way

Feliz año nuevo my dear Chakra 5 friends!

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Chanting Meditation with Jeff Bridges aka Big Lebowksi’s The Dude

Hi Chakra 5 Yoga friends!

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Help This Family-Run, Humanely-Raised Bison Farm

Below is a copy of the email I sent to my network of friends and family re: a family-run farm in California that will have to sell off it’s herd and lose 10 years worth of hard work and sweat to build up their business.  Please read, please donate, please share this with everyone you know:

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Are You “Veggie Enough”?

Isn’t being vegan or vegetarian MOST of the time still good for the planet, and your body?

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Unusual Ways to De-Stress

As the busy holiday season of work deadlines, parties, shopping and hosting/visiting relatives is encroaching on our personal time, stress levels go way up, leading many of us to demonstrate shorter tempers, pig out on food or throw back a few extra cocktails. OK, maybe I’m only speaking for myself, here! Actually, when I look at all of my amazing friends who are running their own companies and parenting multiple children, perhaps even caring for their aging parents at the same time…I’m blown away at what humans are capable of achieving each day.  My life is considerably simplified in contrast to theirs.

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