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Tonight I tried out Yoga Download, a great site that lets you select a yoga class to stream online from their site or download to your computer.  I decided to try Power Vinyasa Flow #1 by Dawnelle, which was listed as

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Being Centered

Had a great class last night themed around “Being Centered”.  I asked the class to think about this in the physically (focusing on strengthening your core muscles, the center of support for your entire body) as well as conceptually (when

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Yoga Poses to Aid Digestion

Even we yogis can’t resist going a little overboard on delicious grub. Yoga poses restrict, then flush blood and oxygen through your inner organs, stimulating your stomach, intestines, gall bladder and liver into digestive action. Try these moves after a

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5 Yoga Poses to Do at Work

Guilty as charged! I do a lot of work on the computer, and like so many of us, I can get caught up in what I’m working on for hours without moving or stretching my body. Here are five easy

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A “Yoga Butt” may look great, but sometimes it hurts!

Perhaps you’re familiar with a somewhat crass but amusing term “yoga butt”, which refers to a high, shapely and toned hind end.  Example: “Wow!  Check out her yoga butt-it looks great! You can tell she does a lot of yoga…”

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