Living With Tolle

I wanted to pass on this podcast I was listening to last night:

These guys are trying to help spread the teachings of Tolle in easier to understand terms and tools like Iphone apps, etc.  If you listen to this podcast from about 18 minutes in–they absolutely describe to a TEE my feelings of “crisis” or general anxiety regarding career, life path, etc.  It really is something in the air among so many people right now!  They discuss this negative, draining loop of thought that we can get caught up in.

How do you stop this loop of thinking in your life?  Some weeks I master it and just try to turn off my mind…experience what life delivers me with positivity.  But I have really bad days as well, as in last night during a 2 hr “therapy talk” with my husband.

But by talking too much and thinking too much, we feed the monster don’t we?  How do we turn OFF the mind, leave that clear and open space to receive messages of intuition, inspiration?  Share some of your methods here on this blog, if possible.

See my related post to this concept from a few days ago:

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