Featured Instructor : Tasha Rein

Meet Chakra Yoga instructor Tasha Rein. She services our clients on Los Angeles’ west side.

Tasha found herself twisted upside down, sweating like never before and loving it when she took her first yoga class over 13 years ago. Since that beautiful day she has never looked back. As a beginning yoga student she found herself fearless in class, willing and eager to try any pose, and when she would fall over she would smile, laugh, and try again. Yoga was a safe place to experiment with becoming more joyful, loving and fearless.

In her classes she aims to create this same space so that you too can play with becoming more joyful, loving and fearless. With a strong focus on breath and alignment her classes build strength, flexibility, stability and balance in the body while opening and softening the heart and mind.

She also teaches a deeply nourishing restorative yoga and mediation class.Along with being a yoga instructor Tasha has studied the scientific effects of yoga on the brain through a federally funded grant at Boston University and is a published author in a scholarly journal. See and read the article here (www.liebertonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1089/acm.2010.0007) that shows how yoga really does help improve mood and lessen anxiety.

Tasha is also a trained herbalist, certified Reiki practitioner, and jewelry designer.



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