Space for Yoga Studio

Yesterday I had some fun looking at a few commercial spots available at a pretty “hot” part of downtown Los Angeles: main and 6th.  I don’t have my business plan complete, so I don’t really know what my budget is.  The space at left is $3000/month for 1500 sq ft.  I was disappointed at the wheelchair ramp coming up into the room and chopping up the open space.  The space is only raised a couple of feet above ground level, and I think the ramp is really more for easier dolly delivery of goods to the space since it’s really a retail space–not sure the guy who showed me it knows the full story.  I’m not entirely sure how I would accommodate handicapped people (if bound to a wheelchair) into a yoga class anyway.  I have yet to see anyone doing that–unless the facility was specially equipped or it was some kind of hospital-based physical therapy/rehab center.  Not sure I’m ready to tackle that yet.  I have thought about visually-impaired folks and a special class for them, as I have a close friend who is visually-impaired and looking for more classes structured for that kind of situation.  I’d also love to offer a free class to war veterans suffering from PTSD.

It was good to see a space in real life…I know now that I cannot go any smaller than 1500 sq ft.  That will be just enough room for a decent-sized class and some kind of reception area.  I would need to build some kind of wall around the reception area to close it off from the main class.  Not sure if it will be sound-proofed enough.  I wouldn’t want to be teaching a class and have the students hear the phone ringing or the front desk person talking to someone.  (Note to self:  make sure phone has a blinking light/no ringer setting we can switch to when class is in session.) Ideally, my perfect space would have a front reception area really separated/closed off from the main room, the main room would have hardwood floors and windows on one wall, and there would be a half bathroom and tiny office for administrative stuff.

The other thing I didn’t care for was the big old chunky column in the middle of the room.  And the sound in the room from the concrete floor/walls bounced all over the place.  An instructor and music could really get washed up in all that echoing.  I also think $3000 is too much-sounds like the owner was open to taking it down in price, but overall I don’t see the space being right.  The only thing that is right is the location near all the 6th/Spring action and downtown Art Walk, and right on the main drag of LA Fashion Walk.  Perfect spot to promote the studio with a special event with all those people out there.  I have noticed that another yoga studio downtown has had to stop having classes during those events, as it gets too crazy with the crowds.

Anyway, it was a ton of fun to check out the space and “dream” about the possibilities.  I just don’t think the space, parking, price, etc are quite right.  The space is going to have to be attractive, in a good location, with some kind of parking solution if I want a shot in hell of succeeding.

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